‘Thao Wessuwun’ in Giant Minister Form. The Northern God whose ordain wealth and annihilate evil.

‘Thao Wessuwun’ in Giant Minister Form. The Northern God whose ordain wealth and annihilate evil.

‘Thao Wessuwun’ in Giant Minister Form. God of Wealth, lord of Giant. Worship His Excellency will bring you wealth.

Worshiping Spell
Start with 3 times of ‘ Namo’ (the bowing chant)
 Namo tutsa pakawato arahato summa sumputtatsa
Namo tutsa pakawato arahato summa sumputtatsa
Namo tutsa pakawato arahato summa sumputtatsa

Concentrate your mind to Buddha, Dharma, monks, and merit of your father, mother, teachers and Grand Master GaLoang. Then cast this spell:
 Itipiso Pukkawa Yommarachano Thao Wessuwunno Morranung Sukkung A-hung Sukkato NA-MO-PUT-TA-YA Thao Wessuwunno Jatu Maha Rachika Yukkaphun Tapatpuritoa Wessa Putsa Puttung A-rahung Putto Thao Wessuwunno NA-MO-PUT-TA-YA

       Chant this spell 9 times and focus your mind and make your wish from Thao Wessuwun and you shall succeed in you work, protect you from danger, leave no harm left on your journey. If you keep worshiping him for longer than 3 months, you’ll definitely see some many fortunate things come to you and all evil spirit will be apprehensive by you.
If you want to ask him some gift or beg him grant you any wish, you should done the worshiping in the day 15th of waxing moon and use 9 red roses, 9 candles and chant this spell 9 times then concentrate your mine on your wishes and all of your wish shall be grant, moreover, chant this spell on your journey and stay on unacclimatized places.
If you want to cast evil spirit that haunt in person or habitat, drive out cures and jinx from one self. You can do it by invite image of Thao Wessuwun into water bowl to create holy water, lit 9 joss sticks and 2 candles and place one another candle on the bowl. Concentrate and chant ‘Namo’ three times and then chant The Three Gems Worshiping  Spell and chant this spell:  Presto, Thao Wessuwun, lord of all giant and demon. His Excellency commands me to subdue all enemy, devils, evil spirit on every direction. You evil shall fear me and flee from me. I shall cast you out with this holy spell of His Excellency that Thao Kuwen Maha Raja had bestowed upon me. Weussuwunno Maharaja WussaWuttatsa Atta Maha Yukkung Senasukita Pawuntoomay Oam Sawaha Sawahai.

      Holy water create from this spell is capable of cast out evil spirit or jinx from one person by make them drink and bathe with this holy water, also, chant this spell while they’re doing so. Any evil spirit possessed in that person will flee away. If someone wants to cast jinx out of themselves then bathe with this holy water on the open ground before sunset. You can also comprise this chant with above one to increase its potential.
All spells show in this article were recover from ancient scripture which its handwriting shows that it was made by Grand Master Niam, Grand Master GaLoang’s preceptor. This grand master was a disciple from the same institute as Grand Master Suk of Phakklong Makhamtao Temple. Its translated content mean that the enchanter is inviting Buddha’s merit and holy power of Thao Wessuwun to his body, also invite power of Thao Wessuwun’s follower giant lords to reinforce his power and destine auspiciousness to his worshipers.
      As Thao Wessuwun is ‘God of Wealth’, ‘The Guardian of Wealth’, ‘The Northern God of ‘Jatu Maha Rachiga’ Gods (The Four Guardian Gods of Paradise), ‘Lord of all giant and demon and master of world’s wealth’ His Excellency is called by many names, such as ‘Wai Sorrawun’, ‘Wessuwun’, ‘Tanabordi’ (The Great of Wealth), ‘Tanesuan’ (The Master of Wealth), ‘Utchawasu’ (As Wealth As Wish), ‘Yukkaraja’ (King of Giants), ‘Ruttanakun’ (Stomach filled with diamonds), Esa-saki (Siva’s friend) and so forth.
  In the book called ‘Tri Bhoom Phra Ruang’ (The Three Worlds, write by King Ruang) had called Thao Wessuwun as ‘Thao Paisorrapa Maharaja’ and described him as follow: “Thao Paisorrapa Maharaja is lord of all northern giants and angel and ruled over northern paradise from its central to rim of the cosmos’s wall. His Excellency and his follower giants were dress and carry golden cloth and gears, his follower giants carry gold weapon whether gold hammer, gold pestle. His Excellency has uncountable followers, more than thousand billions; he’s riding pale yellow horse” This description show that Thao Wessuwun or Thao Paiworrapa Maharaja is a very rich god with more than thousand billions gold in his stash, all his ornament and his follower’s armors and weapons are made from gold. His Excellency himself is also riding on a golden horse.
 In Buddhism’s treatise, Tripitaka, in the Maha NitanSutr Mahawuk of Tikanikai describe that Thao Wessuwun’s residence is called Alokmunta Rajatani, a prosperous and graceful divine city. The treatise describes Thao Wessuwun, one of the Jatulokabarn (The Four Guardian Gods of The World), as a ‘Sodabun’ Saint. When Phra Mokkullana come to visit Phra In, Thao Sukkatewaraja (Indra, God of Gods) at The Great Palace Chaipayonwiman, Thao Wessuwun also join in the welcoming. King Pimpisarn of Makod Land, after pass away by brutally – cruelty torture from his own son, Phrachao Achatsuttru which committed a coup d’etat to his father and sentence him with life-long imprison, had reborn in the paradise as one of Thao Wessuwun’s giant ministers.
    Another treatise, Atta-lopa Pallasutr describe that on every Buddhist holy day, in the day 8th of Waning Moon or the day 15th of Waxing Moon, the Four Guardian Gods will come down to earth and carry gold plate and pencil to survey the world of man. They’ll wonder around the land, if they found some one that commits a good deed, they’ll write those people’s name and their deed on the golden plate. After finish they’ll bring the golden plates to Punja Sikorn Devabudr which will pass those plates to Phra Matuli. Then Phra Matuli will present those plates to Indra, if there are many names and good deeds on the plates then angels will acclaim with pleasure as there will be more human going to heaven after they die. On the other hand, if they found anyone commit bad deeds, their names and deeds will be write into another book and that book will be sent to Phraya Yommaraja (The King of Nether World), which will order his death angels to account all those names and deeds to their appropriate punishment.
A inscription state from the reign of Ayudhaya describe that Thao Wessuwun possessed a great crystal palace on top of Mount Yuknatorn. His palace were guard and supervise be his giant ministers who all are in their heavenly form, he also has heavenly horses, carriages and throne. Thao Wussuwun’s 9 heavenly giant ministers also are master of all other giants and demon. There are other 12 giants called ‘Yukka Ruttipa’ that inspect and collect information of the world and other 28 giant ministers that serving Thao Wessuwun. At this point, you would see that Thao Wessuwun is exist in many tales of many countries and cultures, even in Chinese ‘Maha Yarn’ Buddhism, there is also a legend of the Northern Guardian God of the World called ‘Toa Bun’ who is lord of all giant and his follower giants were having black body and carting glassy orbs and snakes. In Buddhism of Tibet, they’re describes him as a golden god and carry flag and mongoose. In Japan, they worship him as god of luck name ‘Pisamon’ and carry precious orb and lance and flag. All of above description were just a mere short history of Thao Wessuwun that aim to make you understand how important he is and why astrologers had build and still worshiping his image for more than thousand years.
To sum up, Thao Wussuwun is one of the most important gods and had been, and still, gain many respect in many countries as the guardian of all evil spirits. As we can see that ascetic masters like to make red cabalistic writing plates with his image on it and hand it over the doorway to prevent the places from evil spirits, this is one of the oldest and most similar preventive method. Another example is ‘Suad Parn Yuk’ (A Giant Enchantment Ceremony), such as the spell ‘Phra Kata Parn Yuk’ or the spell ‘Wipudsi’. These spell, belong to the Four Guardian Gods and Thao Wessuwun is their head, was present to Buddha, as the Four Guardian Gods deem that they have to many followers, some are good and some are evil and might harm wondering monks who in the middle of graveyard, deep jungle. To prevent those incidents, they’d present these spell, ‘Phra Kata Parn Yuk’, to Buddha.
Nowadays, we still can see the ‘Suad Parn Yuk’ chanting ceremonial and in that ceremony you’ll see the image of Thao Wessuwun install on the high place. As Thao Wessuwun possessed absolute privilege to punish any ghosts and demons. Therefore, people believe that Thao Wessuwun’s power is capable to destroy all inauspicious things, protect people from evil spirits, dark magic and jinx, he also grant wealth to people.

SOURCE: Grand Master GaLoang Keawkaw’s book, ‘Thao Wessuwun, the Northern God of all Gods whose destine wealth and annihilate evil spirits’

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