Theaptunjai – Nut Bo Bo Yee

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” ThepTunjai “  ( Nut Bo Bo i ) At the Bota Town Pagoda This pagoda is an instant goddess protection. Believed to be instantaneous fulfillment. Believe that if you whisper something to be satisfied.
It is one of the sacred things that Burmese worship and respect. Including Thai people, they also respect and respect as well. Which tourists and Burmese popular to pay homage most.


Respect “Nut” is the belief of the Burmese people.  Nut is the spirit of the dead, higher than the ghost and lower gods. So not both ghost and goddess. Most of the time when life is good. Or the impressive.  By the way, Nut is responsible for preserving the city or places such as pagodas, etc.

The word “Bo Boi” (BoBi) is not the specific name of one. One, but the true meaning of the word “Bo Bo” is a man who is respected around the father, goddess, or the Arak of Thailand, we own. For this reason, the Burmese must have the name of the place. Always protected always.

The Burmese belief that the “Thep Tunjai” is the one that preserves Gautama in the Bota Town Pagoda. He is 1 in Burmese King 37 that the Burmese people pay very respect. A Burmese and Thai citizen, a politician, actor, businessman, businessman, businessman, businessman, millionaire, Thai billionaire, many respect the faith. Traveling to worship in Myanmar is overwhelming. With the belief that anyone who sacrificed or blessed anything will be accomplished in an instant. The sudden success of the financial, work, love, trade, fortune, especially gold, prestige, strength, life to ensure smooth life.

Instant worship Used coconut Red otter banana As a sacrifice Because it is a sacred fruit. And a symbol of the richness of life. Sometimes it consists of a bouquet of leaves called Victory and Chet Tung leaflets or small paper flags. This is a symbol of auspiciousness as well.

Tips for Pray to Theptunjai

There is only one trick to ask. For strength in offering offerings. Then put the banknotes on your hand. Which is in the gesture, pointing forward.  Want to dedicate it to the faith. After that, you need to have more than one banknote number, and then stand to our forehead with your finger. Then pray again. Only one Do not change.  Then bring back the banknotes to return a copy to return to the gift bag to fortune to fortune.
In addition, the court administrator may also let us bring cooked bananas to people who have been offered before. Eat to be sacred.

Worship text Thep Tunjai

Na mo tus sa Pa ka wa to A ra ha to sum ma sum put tus sa ( 3 times )

A hi sukka Maha nut po po gee po ta tong sitthi mut thu

Ei tung pa lung A tussa ming ruttanung put tung thummung

Sungkung Taewa nung pra sitthi laa pho cha yo nit jung

Wun thaa mi suppa thaa sa waa hom


Pray for the goddess of the gods. It will change your destiny forever. You will be wealthy to succeed. All things good fortune, fortune to dispel the obstacle to overcome. Great compassion God, who is quick, who cares who is merciful.



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